Consensual Non-Monogamous Parenting Couples’ Perceptions of Healthcare Providers during the Transition to Parenthood

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Jacqueline Avanthay Strus
Viola Polomeno


Consensual non-monogamous parenting couples are at increased risk for health inequities, especially during the transition to parenthood. This article presents partial results of a more extensive mixed-methods study exploring the conciliation of these couples’ parenting role and their sexual lifestyle, more specifically, their perceptions of health care providers including nurses. Semi-structured interviews and online questionnaires were completed with a total of 6 participants. Positive and negative issues were identified that were clients- and health care providers-based. The Expanding the Movement for Empowerment and Reproductive Justice lens was used to discuss the positive and negative consequences. Nurses need to develop, implement and evaluate a different clinical approach with these couples, who are aware of the health risks associated with their lifestyle, yet they always put their families first. Nurse administrators need to assess their institutional policies that are based on hetero-mononormative assumptions.

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