Immigration, settlement process and mental health challenges of immigrants/ refugees: Alternative care thinking

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Margareth Santos Zanchetta
Abinet Gebremariam
David Aftab Ansari
Elizabeth Huang
Stéphanie Larchanché
Clément Picot-Ngo
Marguerite Cognet
Shone John


This paper discusses progressive thinking and clinical views on improving mental health practice for immigrants and refugees. It addresses policy, care delivery, professionals’ attitudes, and immigrants’ access to mental health care — all factors especially pertinent for practice in major immigration hubs. The data was gathered from invited presentations and discussions among participants at an international multidisciplinary symposium, including health and social scientists from Toronto (Canada) and Paris (France), major urban centres attracting large numbers of immigrant and refugees who constantly encounter challenges for their successful settlement. The focus is on alternative care thinking and innovative approaches for better care and understanding of these populations’ health behavior. Recommendations on how to advance knowledge relevant for these two urban hubs of immigration were documented, underpinned by the consensus that economic disparities, societal and political forces, as well as cultural and linguistic factors, influence immigrants’ and refugees’ vulnerability regarding mental health stability.

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