Night Time


  • Lukas Carey


Author Biography

Lukas Carey

Dr. Lukas Carey completed his Doctorate in education and has worked in the field for most of his working life as a coach, teacher, trainer and educator. While filling a role in local government he was charged with receiving secret commissions and served time in prison. During that time Lukas used his lived experience and theoretical knowledge to study the lives of the incarcerated, the educational happenings inside the justice system, and its influence over future employment opportunities upon release. With an interest in the role previously incarcerated people have in the development of policy and procedure in the justice system, Lukas is a strong advocate for Convict Criminology. The importance of the lived experiences of previously incarcerated people and people from working-class backgrounds drive the work Lukas is doing in the education and research field. He can be reached by email and Twitter at the following addresses: