The System Is Not Failing, It is Working to Harm First Nations People


  • Vickie Roach


Author Biography

Vickie Roach

Vickie Roach is a Yuin woman, born to a Stolen Generations mother and then stolen herself. She is an incarceration survivor and activist in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. In 2007, Vickie successfully brought a High Court of Australia challenge to legislation prohibiting people in prison from voting. She has completed a Masters of Writing (Swinburne University) and has written and spoken prolifically about the harms of prison and the need to change the system. Vickie is a founding member of the National Network of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (Australia), as well as a member of the steering group of Homes Not Prisons that is fighting against expansion of Dame Phyllis Frost women’s prison in Victoria. Across all her campaigning, Vickie is an ardent abolitionist. She believes the system is designed to break us and that the only path forward is to break the system.