Desistance, Anomalies and Rabbit Holes: A Transformative Experience from Inside Out


  • Christopher Havens Prison Mathematics Project
  • Marta Cerruti McGill University


Author Biographies

Christopher Havens , Prison Mathematics Project

Christopher Havens is the Executive Director and a founder of the Prison Mathematics Project organization. Aside from an interest in understanding the role of mathematics in self-identity and desistance, he spends his time researching mathematics in the realm of number theory. The area he is most passionate about is the study of various types of convergents of continued fractions, specifically naturally leaping and leaping convergents of both linear and quadratic convergents. Christopher one day hopes to show the world that the service of Justice can be a meaningful and beautiful pursuit, and that it should not stop when one leaves the gates of prison. He can be reached by email at and

Marta Cerruti , McGill University

Marta Cerruti is a professor in the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering and Co-director of the Institute for Advanced Materials at McGill University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). She is also an emerging watercolour artist. Her research interests lay at the interface between materials science, chemistry, biology, and medicine. With her students, she published more than 100 papers on journals such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, and Chemistry of Materials. She is a member of the College of New Artists, Scholars and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada, and was a Canada Research Chair and a Young Scientist invited at the World Economic Forum. Her research is often featured on CBC Radio, Global News, and The Conversation. He can be reached by email at