Arteria – A Regional Cultural Mapping Project in Portugal


  • João Luís Veronnezzi Fundação Getúlio Vargas
  • Claudia Pato Carvalho University of Coimbra



This paper discusses the relation between cultural mapping and participatory community cultural mapping, proposing the integration of a mobile device application (app) in the cultural mapping process of the Arteria project. This application aims to expand the notion of cultural appropriation by exploring how citizens can make crucial contributions to the cultural mapping process. This technology will evolve from and improve Arteria’s digital platform/website by boosting the processes of collection and registration of tangible and intangible cultural assets and the dissemination of registered cultural assets. The app will also enhance the connection among socio-cultural actors and improve the quality of community involvement in the cultural, social, and political dynamics of this cultural mapping project. To justify the need for such a tool, an overview of the project’s intent, objectives, and activities is presented, as well as its philosophy of intervention in local communities.

Keywords: Arteria, community involvement, cultural mapping, cultural technology, mobile app

Résumé: Cet article discute de l’introduction d’une application mobile dans le processus de cartographie culturelle du projet Arteria et met en évidence les liens entre planification culturelle et participation. L’application mobile vise à approfondir le sens de l’appropriation culturelle en explorant en quoi la participation citoyenne peut enrichir les processus de cartographie culturelle. La participation en ligne permettra d’enrichir les données et la plateforme d’Arteria en y ajoutant des références aux propriétés tangibles et intangibles de la culture urbaine. Cet article discute en quoi cette application mobile permettra d’enrichir les liens entre les acteurs socio-culturels et en quoi elle permettra également d’ajouter à la qualité de la participation et de l’implication citoyenne en tenant compte des dynamiques politiques de ces formes de planification.

Mots clé: Arteria, participation de la communauté, cartographie culturelle, technologie culturelle, application mobile

Author Biographies

João Luís Veronnezzi, Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Student of the postgraduate program of Management of Cultural Goods: Culture, Economics and Management, at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil.

Claudia Pato Carvalho, University of Coimbra

Post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal