South Asians in “Asia’s World City”: Postcolonial Identity Struggles and Art Participation in Hong Kong

  • Hong Yu Liu University of Cambridge


Hong Kong, being the “Asia’s world city”, the government proclaimed itself committed to enhancing an inclusive society. However, critics have been questioning the effectiveness of its policy in bringing social inclusion as many South Asians in Hong Kong have to deal with post-colonial identity struggle in everyday life. By using participant observations and interviews, I will discuss how South Asians engage in community art which enables them to find other realms of (self-)representation beyond those delivered by the state and its failed promise of institutionalised assimilatory multiculturalism. Despite the policy shortcomings, a “dual” Hongkonger identity was found in minority descendants, facilitated by participating in community art activities. This article contributes to the knowledge of cultural inclusion, to understand its empowerment and potential conflicts in community art participation, and to invite more academic discussions on multiculturalism in the context of Hong Kong.