Focus and Scope

Intermezzo, the University of Ottawa School of Music’s Undergraduate journal, is a haven for musical cognition created for students by students. It filters the highest quality student articles for peer review providing a unique and safe outlet, among peers, to develop, discuss, and share musicological ideas within historical musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, music theory, and interdisciplinary subjects.

Intermezzo currently publishes one issue yearly. We welcome authors of any background as long as they are currently enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Ottawa. Papers written in fulfillment of any course requirements are welcome, provided the paper reflects a musicological perspective.

The journal offers a sturdy stepping stone between the critical thinkers of the future and the harsh competition of graduate school. In an environment where everyone is learning, each position at Intermezzo is designed to provide optimal growth for everyone involved.

Peer Review Process

Intermezzo prides itself on conducting a double blind review process. For each issue, an editorial committee is assembled from volunteers at the University of Ottawa, completing either an Undergraduate or Graduate degree.  The review process encompasses the duration of the Winter semester. Each article will be evaluated for its appropriate use of style, logic, sourcing, and materials.

The review process consists of three phases. First the papers are submitted and reviewed anonymously by the volunteer editorial committee. Each student who submits to the journal will receive comments from the review panel, assessing the content of his/her paper and offering suggestions for future improvement. Using these comments the committee will choose a selection of high quality articles for publication. Finally, each submission is formally reviewed by two editors who offer various insights on how the potential of each author may be better realized. The articles are exchanged between authors and editors on a biweekly basis until ready for publication. 

Publication Frequency

Intermezzo currently publishes one issue yearly.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Intermezzo would like to thank the University of Ottawa's School of Music for their ongoing support and sponsorship. Without their dedication and interest the creation of Intermezzo would not have been possible.

Sources of Support

  • Dr. Paul Merkley
  • Dr. Lori Burns
  • The University of Ottawa Press

Journal History

Intermezzo, the University of Ottawa School of Music's Undergraduate Journal, was created in the spring of 2014 under its original title: School of Music Undergraduate Journal. The first issue was only published in print. Remaining copies may be found in the University of Ottawa Library. In 2015 following its belief in open access research, Intermezzo decided to publish each consecutive issue online using the Open Journal System.