Translanguaging and Linguistic Landscapes: A Study of Manitoban Schoolscapes

  • Gail Cormier Université de Saint-Boniface


The purpose of this article will be to review how the theory of translanguaging can be used to explore the linguistic landscapes of bi- and multilingual schools. Such an approach requires researchers to view space and language holistically since translanguaging practices occur not only within an individual but also within a particular space. As a result, a school’s linguistic landscape (schoolscape) can be viewed as a representation of the students’ language repertoire. Qualitative data will be presented from three different secondary school contexts in Manitoba, Canada; French immersion single-track, French immersion dual-track and French-language schools. This data will illustrate how translanguaging offers a new way to approach the analysis of schoolscapes in bi- and multilingual contexts.

Keywords: translanguaging, linguistic landscapes, French immersion education, French-language education