Bridging Teaching, Learning and Assessment Processes through a Reflective Method: Implications for Plurilingual Learning Environments

  • Barbara Spinelli Columbia University, New York


The challenges of global education highlight the need for students to meaningfully engage with their life experiences, deepen their reflection on their practices and feelings, and learn from them. What challenges may the implementation of such reflective approaches in a plurilingual and pluricultural learning environment entail? This article has a three-fold aim: first, it explores benefits that reflective and participatory methods have brought to plurilingual learners in different learning settings; second it describes the implementation of a three-mode reflective framework in a university blended course aimed at developing plurilingual competences, strategies, and literacies; and third, it argues how such reflective methods may contribute to promoting an integrated and transformative learning experience for a diverse linguistic and cultural learning community.

Keywords: reflective approach, plurilingualism, plurilingual/pluricultural learning