Mémoire collective dans les industries culturelles

Vers une plus grande inclusion.

  • Julie Bérubé


The cultural industries participate in building collective memory because, in many cases, public decision-makers have chosen to elevate individual memories to the rank of collective memory. Cultural industries are faced with systemic discrimination (Eikhof and Warhurst, 2013), which suggests the collective memory of these industries face the same challenges. In this theoretical article, we propose a framework based on Boltanski andThévenot’s (1991, 2006) theory of justification in order to make collective memory in cultural industries more inclusive. First, we conceptualize collective memory as a compromise between the domestic and civic worlds of Boltanski and Thévenot (1991, 2006). Then, the artists and their individual memories are presented using the world of inspiration. Finally, we propose using the world of projects to make the collective memory of cultural industries more inclusive. We, therefore, propose greater openness and democratization of collective memory in the cultural industries due to the world of projects.