• Cavell and Dialectic
    No. 9 (2021)

    This issue explores some of Cavell's intellectual debts to Hegel. 

  • Feeling It
    No. 8 (2020)

    This issue focuses on philosophical dispensations of seeing the world in a "mooded" way. 

  • Acknowledging Stanley Cavell
    No. 7 (2019)

    This special commemorative issue, guest-edited by David LaRocca, gathers together reflections on Stanley Cavell's life and legacy in the wake of his death in June 2018. 

  • Walden Pond

    Cavell after Cavell: A Philosophy without Tears
    No. 6 (2018)

    This special issue, guest-edited by David Pérez-Chico, is the first issue released after Stanley's passing in June of this year. A warm prelude to a commemorative issue upcoming. 

  • Walden Pond

    The Aesthetics of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetics In and After Cavell
    No. 5 (2017)

    This issue, which deals with politics and aesthetics (i.e. philosophy and poetry), features long political-philosophical exegesis on the promise of Cavellian praxis (in the classroom and beyond) and short pieces of Cavellian inflected poetry. 

  • Walden Pond

    Cavell and Literature
    No. 4 (2016)

    Literary cameos in this issue include Jane Austen, Charles Baudelaire, Marcel Proust, and Samuel Beckett (and no Shakespeare, a relief to some, a scandal to others). 

  • Walden Pond

    Cavell and History
    No. 3 (2015)

    Contributors to this issue discuss the relationship of Cavell's writings to some historical goings-on, whether in film-history, philosophical debate, or Vietnam. 


  • Walden Pond

    Themes from Cavell
    No. 2 (2014)

    Informally titled "Cavell down Under," this special issue (guest-edited by David Macarthur) gathers together Conference proceedings which took place in the Philosophy Department at the University of Sydney, Australia, on February 27–28, 2012. 

  • Walden Pond

    No. 1 (2013)

    The first issue of Conversations is themed around Stanley's autobiographical writings.