Policy Enforcement
All policy requirements must be met by submissions describing clinical research and/or research on human subject. Failure to satisfy requirements will be sufficient to reject the manuscript. If issues are identified post publication, correction or retraction may be issued as appropriate. 

We do not accept any kind of plagiarism at UOJM. Identification of plagiarism will be dealt with in accordance with COPE guidelines.

Examples of plagiarism include but not limited to:

    • -Exact copying of information from other sources without acknowledgment
    • -Duplicating ideas, data and figures from other sources without citation
    • -Recycling information from the author’s previous publications without citation or agreement of the editors. Please note that reusing information from methods section of author’s previous work with an appropriate citation is acceptable.
    • -Slightly modifying the language of unoriginal ideas without proper citation

All the information submitted will be kept confidential and will only be used for the review process of UOJM. All Correspondence between authors and reviewers will also remain confidential. Breaches in confidentiality will be investigated with guidance provided by COPE guidelines.

Submission and Publication of Related Studies
Authors must declare if the manuscript or related work is under consideration or published elsewhere. If the work has been submitted or published elsewhere, they may provide in their cover letter an explanation of how the published articles relates to the submission.

Publication of presentation abstracts and preprint server will not affect the consideration of your manuscript.