Personalized medicine hits primary practice as genetic testing is being done for the first time in family practice to better select psychiatric medications for patients: an interview with Dr. Nicholas Voudouris

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Martha Carruthers


For the first time in Canada, genetic testing done at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto is being made available to family physicians. This leading-edge research started just over a year ago at the Thornhill Medical Centre in Thornhill, Ontario. The aim of the research is to use genetic testing to better select psychiatric drugs and dosages to improve efficacy and reduce side effects in patients suffering from mental illness. Dr. Nicholas Voudouris, a family physician at the Thornhill Medical Centre who is heavily involved in this project, describes it as leading-edge science that has the possibility of having profound impact on personalized medicine at the primary care level. I spoke with Dr. Voudouris to learn more about him, this project, and the future implications genetic testing could have on personalized medicine and reducing health care spending.

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