Development of a mobile application, ImmunizeCA, for the management of patient immunization records: a discussion with Dr. Kumanan Wilson and Katherine Atkinson

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Ariana Noel
Nischal Ranganath


Vaccinations have “saved more lives than any other health measure” over the past 50 years [1]. Currently, patient immunization records are managed using the yellow immunization card; however, a team of researchers at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) has recently created a mobile application for all operating systems, inclusive of all provinces and territories, that conveniently stores patient data for every vaccination schedule [2]. The UOJM 2014 – 2015 Editor-in-Chief Team met with Dr. Kumanan Wilson (General Internist, The Ottawa Hospital) and Katherine Atkinson (Research Coordinator, OHRI) to discuss the development of the ImmunizeCA app [3], the first national immunization app to be endorsed by the Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose [4].

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Ariana Noel, University of Ottawa

Second year medical student

English stream


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