Cannabis Therapy Knowledge Study: Toward Establishing a Pedagogical Tool

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Ankur Shahi
Suzanne Allain
Shelley Turner
Kathleen Bailey


Upcoming legalization of cannabis calls for physicians to increase knowledge on medical and recreational cannabis use. We analyzed physician knowledge and opinions on i) mechanism of the endocannabinoid system, ii) current training with cannabis, iii) risks associated with cannabis use, iv) creating effective treatment plans using cannabis and v) future training needs. Physician knowledge and opinions on cannabis are limited and divided. Physicians support integration of cannabis training through webinars, in person training, peer reviewed literature and clinical guidelines. A curriculum must be developed for current and future physicians to create a standard of care as it relates to cannabis.

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Ankur Shahi, Queen's University School of Medicine

Ankur Shahi is currently completing his medical education at the Queen’s University School of Medicine. Previously, he completed the requirements of the Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) Program with a focus in biology.

Suzanne Allain

Dr. Suzanne Allain attended University of Toronto medical school graduating in 1988 and completed the psychiatry residency at UBC in 1993. Since then she been working in Thunder Bay doing initially Adult General psychiatry then Chronic care and consultation liaison work. She is now the Medical Director of Psychiatric Rehab at St. Josephs Hospital and an Associate Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Shelley Turner

Dr. Shelley Turner is a member of the Pimicikamak First Nation in Manitoba. She graduated from McMaster University in 2006, and completed a rural family medicine residency in 2008. She has a focused medical cannabis practice directed at harm reduction and research. She has a  consultancy practice in Ontario and in her home province of Manitoba. She is working with her Alma mater in data collection for the study dataCann.