UOJM 9.1: Medical Innovations explores the awe-inspiring, yet enigmatic, nature of scientific revolution. We begin this issue with an interview of one of the leading clinician-scientists at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute for a discussion of innovations in clinical cardiology and the importance of training future clinician-scientists. We then weave empirical articles pertaining to practical innovations that are being championed at the University of Ottawa, including 3D printing for clinical practice and medical education. Finally, we highlight the engrossing experiences of medical students who have witnessed medicine outside of Canada, and have drawn conclusions that could transform one’s understanding of medicine and egalitarianism in medical practice. Thus, this issue focuses on the multitude of ways that innovation can be cultivated in medicine: from the laboratory, to the classroom—to a giant tanker traversing the Arctic Circle; but, as you will come to see, the requirements for becoming a true medical innovator are consistent—an unfettered curiosity and passion, a dogged work ethic, and a grounded sense of humility and self-awareness that is free of confirmation bias and personal ego.

Published: 2019-05-18

Rituximab and Immune Molecule Modulation in Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cell Lines

Rebecca Quilty, Kendra Smith, David Jones, Sheila Drover


Development of a 3D Printed Neuroanatomy Teaching Model

Safaa El Bialy, Robin weng, Alireza Jalali